Breathing ideas

One of the last best things I’ve acquired lately is a membership to an audiobooks service (I will not say it’s name to avoid you guys think this is a promoted or sponsored post).


Why is that one of the best things I’ve acquired lately?:

  1. It pushes me to read (in this case hear) 2 books a month.
  2. The energizing moments of reflexion are multiple: commuting, at the gym, walking around…
  3. Allows me to try topics that I wouldn’t choose on a “real” book store, maybe because I never tried…! =)
  4. I can buy any 2 books I want. So can choose expensive ones, and it would be positive from and ROI perspective…even cost saving vs printed ones!
  5. I’m always learning something new: from work-related topics, or storytelling in general, to languages… you name it!


Just in case you would want to check out the titles I read in the last months:

Star wars: episode 1. The partner, John Grisham. In the plex, Steven Levy. Delivering happiness, Tony Hsieh. Creativity Inc., Ed Catmull. David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell. German unit 1, Pimsleur….


This never ending learning mode is so powerful! It’s an amazing feeling that helps me get more creative. Having the chance of nurturing this curiosity and “always-learning” mode is just great!

I sincerely wish you will find it too, soon… happy reading or listening! =)


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