The Innovators’ personallity

I’m enjoying very much Walter Isaacson’s “The innovators“, and specially one part about Bill Gates’s early years:

…of them all, Gates was the prime example of the innovators personality: “an innovator is probably a fanatic, someone who loves what they do, works day and night, may ignore normal things to some degree and therefore be view as being imbalanced”, he said. He was (at his early age) also a rebel, with little respect for authority, another typical trait of innovators.

If we have had the chance to cross our way with similar characters, in retrospective it’s cristal clear whether this was the case but… wouldn’t be great if we could learn to identify them in real time, just to leverage the maximum of each interaction with them?!

Featured image

This is just a thought that crossed my mind and wanted to share with you, feel free to letting me know if you’ve been there!

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