This is why he’s the King!

A couple of years ago, there was a great marketing action from Burger King (Whopper Sacrifice) in which it encouraged to delete your Facebook Friends in order to receive a free whopper. It was such a big success that Facebook itself asked them to remove and cancel the promotion.

Now, a few years after their last social activation’s success, they came up with a way of getting rid of the brand fans who were “free riders” or were following the brand for the “wrong reasons”.

Their solution?
To test the loyalty of their brand lovers, they developed a way to delete fans (no mistake here, they wanted to delete them!) by giving a free BigMac (if you are not a citizen of earth, their competitors’s blockbuster product) with one condition: they could no be fan of the brand anymore in the future.

This action helped them increasing the engagement and participation of those who remained loyal to it for the “right reasons”, see the video here Burger King Sell Out.

To sumarize.
In these days in which might seem that everything is invented and there is no more room for innovation, sometimes  “back to basics” might be the biggest  possible innovation… cleaning the database and focusing on the responsive prospects (or customers) is an old trick, that now has its social media version!

As said in the title, that’s (also) why it’s the king!